Classic Style Charter Boat and Tour Boat Fleet

Classic Style Charter Boat and Tour Boat Fleet

Classic Harbor Line owns a fleet of 9 classic vessels designed by Scarano Boat Building of Albany NY. Scarano specializes in historic looking vessels that are built for accommodating guests in comfort and style. It is their combination of the best of old world charm and today’s most advanced, proven technologies that set them ahead of the curve. With teak decks, mahogany trim, and carbon fiber rigging these boats are, by far, unique to their kind. With the craftsmanship of Scarano Boat Building, Classic Harbor Line operates safe, comfortable vessels that are sure to impress and meet your every need.

Classic Harbor Line has four different locations:

All located along the East Coast of the United States: Boston, Massachusetts; New York, New YorkNewport, Rhode Island; and Key West, Florida. We are a boutique tour operator that specializes in ticketed events and private charters. Our vessels are perfect for corporate office outings, boutique weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holiday parties, wine tastings, and more. No matter the event, you are sure to find yourself on a beautiful boat surrounded by warm, and friendly service all while plying through majestic waterways. We here at Classic Harbor Line are dedicated to helping locals and visitors alike enjoy the unique wonders of each location. We hope for the privilege of escorting you on a relaxing, inspiring, and breathtaking cruise through the waters we proudly call home. The design of our seven classic vessels-schooners AdirondackAdirondack II, Adirondack III, and America 2.0; the Sloop Eleanor, and yachts Manhattan, Manhattan II, Northern Lights and Kingston-harkens back to the boats that have cruised our waters in the past two centuries
Classic Harbor Line offers a wide range of ticketed cruises in each of our locations. We offer our yacht cruises for those who wish to take in the views with comfort and speed. For those craving adventure, we sail 3-4 times a day on our swift, double-masted sailboats. So no matter your preference, you are sure to find a cruise that will suit you and service that treats you like royalty! All four of our locations sell tickets through Fareharbor.  We encourage you, our guests, to review us on Trip Advisor, Yelp. Facebook, or Google Plus. This feedback system pushes us to high standards of quality. We take great pride in our work; always making sure to give customers the most exceptional experience. We are well known for our outstanding captains & crew and standard of hospitality. Guests are known to not only rave about the beauty and maintenance of the boats but also of the lasting warm impression provided by their experience.

History of Classic Harbor Line

Scarano Boat Building designed and built the schooner Adirondack in 1994 for Sailing Excursions Inc, a day sail operation in Newport, RI, primarily owned by the Scarano family. In 1999 the Scarano family formed another company, Chelsea Excursions, LLC, to operate a second schooner in New York Harbor. Although very similar in size, the layout of Adirondack was more practical for the NY operation and the Adirondack II layout made more sense for the Newport operation. The two entities essentially traded boats and Adirondack began its first full year of operation in New York Harbor in 2000. Because of the increase in sales every year since 1999 it was decided in 2004 to expand the NY operation with another boat. While maintaining the character and elegance of Adirondack, Scarano Boat designed and built a powerboat based on the commuter yachts of the early 20th century to be the second boat in New York. Manhattan was put into service in March, 2005. At that point a name change took place; the larger operation became Classic Harbor Line, anticipating the addition of more period style boats being added to the small fleet. In June of 2007, Classic Harbor Line truly became a fleet when their 3rd vessel, the schooner Imagine, was acquired for operation in NYC. Imagine was a schooner previously built by Scarano Boat and had been operated by a separate company in Baltimore, MD up until then. Imagine is now known as Adirondack III. During the fall of 2008, Classic Harbor Line made the decision to open up a schooner sailing operation in Key West, Florida. This operation would employ the schooner Adirondack II from November through April, 2008-2010. In the fall of 2010 a decision to keep Adirondack III in Key West year round was made. Scarano Boat Building is also responsible for building Key West’s former pride, Schooner America. During the winter of 2009, Scarano Boat Building started the construction of Schooner America 2.0. In 2011 America 2.0 began her operation in NYC and at the end of the season she headed down to Key West, FL. America 2.0 splits her season between NYC (May through October) and Key West, FL (October through April). America 2.0 is a “green” boat featuring electric propulsion, carbon fiber rigging, and extremely light hull materials. She is certified for 75 guests. In 2012 the yacht Beacon, formerly operating in NYC, was upgraded to a high-end water sports yacht for the Key West operation. She arrived in Key West in December of 2012 and began her first season as the first boat in Classic Harbor Line to offer in-water activities. The decision was made to keep Beacon in Key West year round. We are excited to announce Adirondack III will start up operation in the newest Location of Classic Harbor Line; Boston, Massachusetts. Schooner Adirondack III will operate from May through October at Rowes Wharf. Construction of Yacht Kingston is currently underway at Scarano Boats. Yacht Kingston will operate out of NYC with all the charm that has become synonymous with Scarano boats and Classic Harbor Line. She will be 54 feet over all and able to accommodate up to 49 passengers.